Midtown Possibilities

My newest work is called "Midtown Possibilities." I just love the energy of New York, although I always say that I can handle being in the city for a few days and then I need to get back to more greenery and a slower pace (if you can call life in the D.C. Suburbs with two young kids "slow"... I guess it's all relative).

We all need a change of scenery sometimes. This particular scene is from a work trip that I took last fall. I had taken the train up to NYC for an all-day training course on management. You're jealous, I know. As luck would have it, I was able to time the trip so that I could take an afternoon peak at the Alyssa Monks exhibit, which happened to be running at Forum Gallery that month. If you don't know Alyssa Monks, she is an incredible Brooklyn-based artist who's 3-day workshop I will be taking later this year (I can. not. wait!) The way color dances around on her canvas to create captivating images is mind-boggling and I study her technique whenever I can. Her works are large in scale and to see them in person is a treat.

So back to this scene. I think I was so full of energy and inspiration after having experienced Alyssa's portrait work that I started snapping photos like crazy on my hustle back to the hotel. This pink umbrella and the vibrant colors popping out from the otherwise "gray" city scene caught my eye and I captured what I saw as I crossed a midtown street.

Enjoy! "Midtown Possibilities" is hanging at the June Show at Gallery 209 from 6/7-7/2 (12276 Wilkins Ave., Rockville, MD 20852) First Friday reception is Friday, 6/7 from 6-9pm.

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