Hey there. It's me.

I've been rather quiet here lately. If you are subscribed to my art newsletter you may have noticed that you haven't heard from me there lately either although I do hope that will change. It's not that I'm not painting or sharing my art. I'm still posting about my paintings and art adventures on Instagram and Facebook occasionally so you can find me there. But this period of massive transition that we are all facing in life has rendered me kind of quieter about my art.

I think I have shared this one with you though... it was one of my most recent commissioned pieces and I just love the light and vibrant colors that I could use to portray a scene from this sweet family's beautiful yard - A place I pass often on my daily quarantine walks and where I often see joyful play.

"Yard Beyond the Park", Oil on Canvas, 11x14. Jennifer Lynn Beaudet (2020)

I'm about to start another painting of someone's home. That's just where our minds are right now right? Everyone in my family is HOME 24/7 and now we added a puppy because that's what seemed logical (!?). So like many of you, my focus has been inward on what's most pressing on the home front - keeping everyone mentally engaged and safe in a crazy-ass world. I know you relate.

Kitchen studio with puppy

As a layer of this focus inward, I've started an intensive art program with The Compass Atelier. We meet once per week, conveniently on my day off from work. It's a huge learning opportunity and the structure I need to keep my artistic growth present at a time where my caretaker responsibilities have increased more than I thought possible. We "meet" online and I'm doing my art assignments in my home studio, or the kitchen table when necessary... because... puppy.

I've also been taking weekly online classes with @alyssamonks who's work and artistic approach I greatly admire. Her lessons have complemented the atelier learnings in inspiring ways.

Oh yeah, the day job.... Those of you who know me personally may know that I work as a health communications professional serving a government client that happens to be in the center of our global and national health crisis and lead by non other than Dr. Fauci. So that's been exciting, and challenging, and we can add that to the list of things that keep me busy at home while the kids are EVERYWHERE around me. I'm not sure why it feels like I have lots of kids. I only have two... and a puppy. They are just everywhere I am :).

Glad to have been in touch. Hoping you are taking good care of yourselves.



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